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Featured Products

  •   $44.00 Healing Candle (Medium) BUY NOW
    Aroha Healing Candles affect the energy of an environment - in a positive way! Burn time 35+ hours. 
  •   $35.00 Large bag - Coloured BUY NOW
    Durable shopping bag by Defender Bags made from recycled billboards. Bright purple/orange/yellow coloured. 
  •   $40.00 Medium Baby Gift Box BUY NOW
    Packed with a lovely selection of ecostore baby products and a beautiful organic cotton baby clothing item from Pureborn. 
  •   $43.60 Mens Pack BUY NOW
    The Herb Farm's beauty pack for the modern man.
Lara Charles

From the Editor

We are excited to partner with Enviroschools this month. They work with schools across NZ, providing our young people with tools to contribute to ecological restoration and a range of environmental initiatives. Every sale in June goes to this ace cause. We donate 5% to them, at no extra cost to you. Stay warm and have a wonderful month.

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