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Planet Goodness is your source for truly planet positive products for the whole family. We sell NZ owned, eco and ethical products that have been consciously approved for their goodness by a panel of experts. Enjoy our Feel Good Factor choices.

Featured Products

  •   $9.50 teatree bodybar BUY NOW
    This bodywash bar is designed for those of you with problematic skin with pumice for gentle exfoliation and teatree for antibacterial activity.
  •   $45.00 Bombshell BUY NOW
    It's here at last! The world's first solid self tanning bar.
  • RRP $120.00 $95.00 Satchel - Ocean BUY NOW
    Durable satchel made from recycled billboards. No two are the same, so there's no "uh-oh, they've got the same bag as me" moments when you're queuing for your coffee in the morning. 
  •   $15.00 Beard Oil BUY NOW
    This 100% natural beard oil is handmade in Dargaville.
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